Governmental schools

Governmental schools

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  • 06 October 2015

Nepal is one of the countries in the world with the highest illiteracy rate. 50% of the population cannot read or write. It is compulsory for the children to go to school, but very often, children in the remote areas are needed to work in the home or in the fields. No control  is carried out by the government officials. After all, who would want to walk this long distance along the difficult routes in the mountain regions that can often only be reached after a several days' walk? Due to a lack of liquidity, the Nepalese state does not carry out any appropriate investments in the field of education. The costs for learning and teaching materials, school uniforms and equipping the schools are tremendously high for families and village communities that only have very little cash.

The following schools in the Langtang and Upper Mustang regions are supported regularly with school materials, school uniforms, rucksacks, medicine, furniture (computer tables), equipment for sport and games (a skipping rope, volleyball, basketball, frisbee) and for the environmental concept, with dustbins.

The village of KOMIN, Syaphru VDC, Langtang region, district of Rasuwa
Shree Primary School Komin

The village of THULO SYAPHRU, Syaphru VDC, Langtang region, district of Rasuwa
Shree Nepal Rastriya Lower Secondary School

The village of THULO BARKHU, Syaphru VDC, Langtang region, district of Rasuwa 
Shree Nepal Rastriya School

The village of LO MANTHANG, Upper Mustang region, district of Mustang
Shree Mahakaruna Sakyapa School

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